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Unusual Place to Stay in Belgium

Lakhota Glamping offers you an unusual stay in Belgium in the most exceptional setting. 


Glamping comes from the fusion of glamour and camping.

This type of unusual accommodation immerses you in nature, in all simplicity, without forgetting a touch of cocooning. 

Our project aims to be Low-Tech, with a Low ecological footprint, without compromising the confort of our guests! Here, the luxury is about the richness of nature. You'll find no electricity or running water, but lot of candles and stoves to warm you up and prepare your food!


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Located 40 minutes from Brussels and 20 minutes from Liège by car, easily accessible by train, your memorable stay awaits you!


The Hermitage

Located on a peninsula accessible on foot where a cottage was situated in the past, the hermitage will seduce you with its breathtaking view of an arm of the pond and the low-lying sunset on the latter.

It is furnished with a very comfortable sobriety, almost everything has been arranged with recycled furniture.


For example, the parquet floor and its structure were recovered from an attic, while the structure of the toilet is made up of vintage doors.

Immerse yourself in your LAKHOTA Glamping adventure with the video presentation of the hermitage below!

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