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Unusual Place to Stay in Belgium

Lakhota Glamping offers you an unusual stay in Belgium in the most exceptional setting. 


Glamping comes from the fusion of glamour and camping.

This type of unusual accommodation immerses you in nature, in all simplicity, without forgetting a touch of cocooning. 

Our project aims to be Low-Tech, with a Low ecological footprint, without compromising the confort of our guests! Here, the luxury is about the richness of nature. You'll find no electricity or running water, but lot of candles and stoves to warm you up and prepare your food!


Try it and book your night


Located 40 minutes from Brussels and 20 minutes from Liège by car, easily accessible by train, your memorable stay awaits you!

NB: our lodges are located in a wooded area. Due to weather conditions, we sometimes have to postpone bookings (<2%) to ensure the safety of our guests, thank you for your understanding :)


The Hermitage



Located on a peninsula accessible on foot where a cottage was situated in the past, the hermitage will seduce you with its breathtaking view of an arm of the pond and the low-lying sunset on the latter.

This spot has been totaly renovated in 2024 for more cosiness for our guests. 

Immerse yourself in your LAKHOTA Glamping adventure !

Our Lodges

The Island

The unusal accommodation on the island is only accessible by boat, which makes it a particularly intimate place.


Sheltered under an old charm, you will be seduced by this comfortable accommodation, reminiscent of Canadian trapper tents or safari tents. 

Recommended for the adventurous, this spot will isolate you from the world and will offer you to spend beautiful moments of quality in the middle of nature.

Immerse yourself in your LAKHOTA Glamping adventure with the video presentation of the Island below!

The Mill

Located on the riverbank at the site of an old mill, this lodge will seduce you with its intimacy, its small waterfalls and the romanticism of the mill ruins. 



The bathroom adjoining the room ensures a comfortable stay with sobriety. While the stove promises you a cocooning atmosphere and the surrounding nature a real change of scenery.


Dive into your glamping adventure now.



To share precious moment

Bivouac Tent


Full amenaged tent

with stove


Dry toilet

Portable shower

Romantic Park


Enjoy the peacefulness of the castle park.


45 min Brussels

20 min Liège

35 min Leuven



Be quiet and listen to the nature:

deers, squirrels and birds live here.

Eco Friendly


Low Tech

No electricity


To live a complete experience

30 € for 2

Hearty sweet and salty breakfast 

 in option with  your night 

 Honey Moon 
35 € for 2

Petals, Crémant

and strawberries.



Crémant, red, white and rosé wine available in our options.

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